Werewolf – Myths and facts about these legendary creatures

The subject of many legends and horror stories, werewolves are extraordinarily fascinating creatures that have inhabited our collective imagination for centuries. Different cultures have told different stories about them, whether as deities, malevolent beasts or even romantic heroes. In this article, we look at what we know about werewolves and what the real historical and folkloric roots of these legendary creatures are.

Historical Roots:
Werewolves have roots in many cultures and their presence is documented in ancient Greece, ancient Rome, Germanic and Slavic mythology, and even in fairy tales and legends from various parts of the world. The first references to werewolves date back to ancient Greece, where the story of Lycaon mentions the transformation of a man into a wolf as punishment for offending the gods.

Folklore and legends:
Werewolves are often associated with superstitions and legends related to the full moon and wolves. It was believed that people could turn into wolves or wolf-like creatures under certain circumstances, often as a curse or because of spells. Different stories feature different ways of becoming a werewolf, whether it be being bitten by another werewolf, drinking from a magical spring, or performing rituals.

Pop culture influence:
Werewolves have a strong presence in today’s pop culture. They are a common theme in horror movies, books, and television shows. Movies like „The Vampire Diaries“ and „Teen Wolf“ brought werewolves into the spotlight for the younger generation, while classic films like „Wolf House“ and „Werewolf in London“ are staples of the werewolf genre.

A scientific view:
Werewolves are obviously fictional creatures and have no scientific basis. However, there are some terms that can explain the mythology surrounding werewolves. One of these is what is called clinical lycanthropy, which is a mental illness that causes the patient to believe that they are turning into a wolf. Another explanation may be the influence of supernatural stories and the collective imagination in shaping these myths.

Werewolves are fascinating creatures that have been ingrained in our culture and imagination for centuries. Regardless of whether we believe in their existence, their stories continue to inspire and thrill us. They are symbols of mystery, strength and vulnerability all at once. So whether werewolves are real or only in our imagination, their legacy will remain with us into the future.


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