Ouija – Nothing easier than summoning ghosts in a house with a very dark and troubled past

Ouija is a board game that is often used as a means of communicating with spirits or spiritual entities. It is important to follow certain procedures and precautions when playing Ouija. The following is a general procedure that can be used when playing Ouiji, but it is important to emphasize that the use of Ouiji and any communication with the supernatural are matters of personal belief and choice of potential risk.


Select a suitable location: choose a place to play, ideally quiet and free from distractions.

Choosing participants: choose teammates who are interested in and respectful of the activity. It is important that everyone is motivated and prepared for possible supernatural experiences and choices of possible risk.

Ouija board: obtain a Ouija board that consists of letters, numbers, words and other symbols. The board can be purchased or made at home. It is best to get a board that has already been used several times!


Respect the process: make sure all participants respect the process and have the appropriate attitude. We strongly recommend not playing Ouiji for fun or without purpose possible consequences are critical!

Safety Precautions: It is advisable to have a back-up plan when playing Ouiji, for example, to pay attention to any strange or unpleasant feelings, and to end the session if necessary. If anything goes wrong contact an exorcist, scatter salt all around the bed for a peaceful sleep.

Exorcism is the expulsion of an evil demon:

„Evil spirits aside,
I implore you, stay away from here.
With light and love I cast you out,
Into the darkness I send you far, far away.
No power is yours here,
You are limited and untouchable.
We resist evil intentions,
In the name of power and light, expire now.
No more of your frightened madness,
Be banished, disappear forever.
This incantation holds true,
„Let strength and peace be forever known in the room.“

Placement of the Ouiji board: place the board on a stable surface so that it is easily accessible to all participants. You can also create an atmosphere by using candles and other aids that you see fit.

Game procedure: participants should place their hands on the planchette, which is a moving pointer on the board, and focus together on the question or communication they want to convey. It is important that participants keep their minds open and ready to receive possible answers.


Questions: participants can ask questions out loud or silently. It is important to be specific and clear in the questions.

Movement of the planchette: Participants should wait patiently to see if the planchette begins to move. If this happens, it may indicate the answer to the question.

Respect the signals: If a participant feels or notices uncomfortable or unwanted sensations, it is important to respect these signals and end the session if necessary.


End Signal: Before the game begins, you can agree on a signal or way to end the session. For example, this may be by moving the planchette to a specific place or by clearly expressed words.

Calming and evaluation: after the game is over, it is important to calm down, perhaps taking a moment to reflect and share the experience. It is also good to remember that not all answers or experiences of Ouija are necessarily supernatural in origin and may be influenced by one’s own thoughts and expectations.

It is important to remember that Ouija is an activity that is surrounded by controversy and differing opinions. Some people see the game as a fun activity, while others take it very seriously and see it as a means of connecting with the supernatural. It is important to act with respect and caution and to decide whether to play Ouiji based on your own beliefs.


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