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Mannlicher M1895

The Austro-Hungarian army rifle Mannlicher model 1895 calibre 8×50mmR Mannlicher (military designation 8 mm Repetiergewehr Modell 95, abbreviated as M 95) represents the most typical weapon of our great-grandfathers. In various modifications (with a total length of 1,270 mm for the rifle and 990 mm for the carbine) it was also used by the other armed forces of the monarchy (including the gendarmerie and the sharpshooter corps). The end of the Danube monarchy meant that the M 95 rifle was incorporated into the armies of all the successor states, while in Austria and Hungary it remained the basic infantry weapon.

Pre-war imports continued to be held by Bulgaria, newly joined by the Greeks. Czechoslovakia. In March 1939 the army stores still held several hundred thousand of these weapons, whose final production exceeded three million pieces.

Mannlicher M 1895
Empty weight: 3.8 kg
Length: 1 272 mm
Barrel length: 765 mm
Calibre: 8×50mmR Mannlicher
Max. range: 2,600 m
Magazine: 5-shot frame
In service: 1895 – 1945


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