Lipnice Castle

About an hour west of Okrouhlice, station of the north-western railway, closer to Něm. Brod, the picturesque ruins of the Lipnice Castle rise on a granite rock 611m above sea level.

Those who have visited the old ruins of the castle will surely never forget the great impression they take away from it and wish others to see the remains of this impregnable giant.The picture of the picturesque ruins, as well as the very attractive view, will reward a visit to this interesting place pleasantly and usefully.

Lipnice Castle is the most interesting Czech castle in the Čáslav region in terms of its location, fortifications, size and exhibition.As a witness of centuries-old events, the castle is a hard rock, as if it wanted to remind us of the glorious and sad times of the Czech past and attracts our imagination back to the forgotten times. Under the very parklands of the castle lies the former sub-castle, now the town of Lipnice, which once offered the first resistance to the enemy as a fortified town on the most accessible sides of the castle.Today we can see the remains of the old gate next to the rectory and the remains of the old moats in the gardens, in the inn „u Nováků“ and in the parish garden.

A strong fortress „White Tower“ served to defend and strengthen the town gates and walls from the outside. It was a mighty, rounded, 16 m high watchtower, fortified by an embankment and a moat. It rises on a rocky knoll south of the castle towards the town.People say that there used to be a people’s hall here. Such lonely fortresses were built in the centuries. XV., when gunpowder was introduced. In 1645, it was blown up by the Swedes.It was said to be hollow, but it was probably connected to the castle by secret passages leading under the town.From here you can get the best view of the imposing south-western front of the castle, as well as far to the south into the hilly landscape of Humpolecká.

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