Kvasetice Castle

It would have been a wonderful and charming mansion if the reality of time and neglect had not taken its toll. Walking through the interior, it’s hard to imagine how anyone ever lived here. The crumbling ceilings, cracked walls, broken windows and rotten beams give you a sense of unease and it is hard to imagine that the mansion can still be saved.

The chateau was built in 1864 by Prokop Rychlý, originally for his son Wilhelm. In 1920-1921 the chateau was modified and a greenhouse with a conservatory was added. During the Second World War the castle was occupied by the Germans.  The chateau then became an insemination station with a school and the whole chateau area was given to the State Farm Havlíčkův Brod.  After the school was closed, all maintenance of the castle ceased. At the turn of 1978-1979 it was bought for 100,000 CZK by the national enterprise Pleas, which planned to convert it into a recreation centre, but due to lack of funds this plan was abandoned. 

At the end of December 2017, we visited this time-forgotten castle and, surprisingly, the castle is beginning to be repaired. The holes in the walls, the caved in roof and the huge amount of undergrowth that almost hid the entrance had completely disappeared and the chateau suddenly had a new lease of life. We can’t wait to see this beautiful landmark back in all its glory.


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