Kennedy had doubts about Hitler’s death, according to his diary

According to the diary Kennedy kept, the future US president had doubts whether the Nazi dictator had actually committed suicide.

The young Kennedy reflected on Hitler’s death in his diary as he traveled through Europe just after the war in 1945. Kennedy visited a shattered Berlin after the end of the war and was also in Hitler’s bunker. „The room where Hitler was to be shot had charred walls and signs of fire.

But there is no complete proof that the body that was later discovered was actually that of Adolf Hitler.“ the young Kennedy noted in his diary. According to him, the Russians themselves doubted whether it was Hitler’s body.

Kennedy also visited Hitler’s mountain residence, the Eagle’s Nest, where he reflected on the bloody dictator’s legacy. He also wrote a controversial sentence about the Nazi dictator, which RR auction house boss Bobby Livingstone said was not meant to be an admiration for his person and the evil he represented, but for the mysteries that always surrounded him.

„You can easily understand that within a few years, Hitler was again
emerges from the hatred that surrounds him and that makes him one of the
the most important figure who ever lived. Hitler had boundless ambition for
his nation that made him a threat to world peace, but he had around
a special mystery about his life that would live on and
grow after his death,“ Kennedy wrote in his diary.

His rare notes will now be auctioned off by the well-known auction house RR. Kennedy gave the 61-page diary to his aide when he was still a senator. Auction house chief Bobby Livingston said the rare diary and Kennedy’s notes prove that the future US president was one of the most commanding, intelligent and astute heads of state the US has ever had.


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