Jean Marie Loret made a shocking claim – I am the son of Adolf Hitler

In 1977, a railroad worker from a small town in France named Jean-Marie Loret made the shocking claim that he was the son of Adolf Hitler. And while such a story may sound strange, and while history books claim Hitler died childless, Loret’s claims have a frightening trail of evidence behind them.

In addition to the physical similarities between Hitler and Loret, believers point to the fact that a portrait of a woman resembling Loret’s mother was allegedly found among Hitler’s possessions after his death, and that Loret and Hitler had similar handwriting. In addition, both men have the same blood type and DNA tests have failed to rule out the possibility that Loret was Hitler’s son.

And perhaps most convincing are German army records from the war years, which reveal that officials delivered envelopes of cash to Loret’s mother during the Nazi occupation of France.

According to Charlotte Lobjoie, Loretto’s birth mother, she and the Führer had an affair when she was just 16 years old and he was still a German soldier.

„One day I was cutting hay with other women when we saw a German soldier on the other side of the street,“ she said. „I was meant to approach him.“

Thus began the young woman’s relationship with the 28-year-old Hitler, who was taking a break from fighting the French in Picardy in 1917.

Years later, Lobjoie told her son: „When your father was around, which was very rarely, he liked to take me for walks in the countryside. But these walks usually ended badly. In fact, your father, would launch into speeches that I didn’t really understand. He didn’t speak French, but only babbled in German and talked to an imaginary audience.

Jean-Marie Loret was born shortly after the affair began in March 1918. His father had already crossed the border back into Germany. Lobjoie gave her son up for adoption in the 1930s and Jean-Marie Lobjoie became Jean-Marie Loret.

In 1981, Loret published an autobiography entitled Your Father’s Name Was Hitler. In his book, Loret described the struggle he endured when he learned of his father’s identity. He explored the implications of his heritage as he tried to prove his genealogy.

Loret claimed that Hitler knew of his existence and even tried to destroy all evidence of the connection.


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