Hitler was jealous of naked Eva! And he called her Rusalka.

Although Hitler physically liked Eva as the prototype of the blue-eyed Aryan woman and liked to see her sporting English leather underwear, he disliked some of her habits and interests. What the prudish Hitler hated about Braun was that she wore makeup, smoked, sunbathed, and swam naked. Although she was capable of sacrificing her own life for Hitler, she never gave up these hobbies, but indulged in them in the Führer’s absence.


In Eva’s robe under the waterfall
While sunbathing, she liked to be photographed in a decent swimsuit that accentuated her nice, symmetrical figure. She also took her parents to the lake and especially her younger sister Gretl, who was a constant part of Eva’s entourage at the Berghof. The two sisters bathed naked in the lake without restraint and laughed in Eva’s clothes under the Königsbach waterfall, which plunged into the lake over rock outcrops from a height of 800 metres.
Photographs and film footage often show Eva Braun as a cheerful beauty who was able to let loose in the company of friends and enjoy various pleasures. However, this impression is false, as her cousin Gertraud Weisker, who visited her at the Berghof in 1944, said after the war, she was the happiest woman he had ever met in his life. Hitler didn’t want to marry her and kept their relationship strictly secret from the public for 12 years so as not to lose his legions of admirers.
At the Berghof, where he had taken her, Braun felt very lonely most of the time and rather miserable without Hitler there, so she did not hesitate to follow the Führer to his bunker in bombed-out Berlin at the end of the war, enjoy a day of life there as a married woman, and then die together with her destined love on the same couch.


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