He loved his ship, he met her even in death. The surviving sailor from the battleship Arizona was buried in the wreckage

The ninety-four-year-old sailor was buried in the wreckage of the battleship USS Arizona. It’s a story with an „American“ ending. The sailor survived the sinking of the battleship USS Arizona, which was attacked by the Japanese during the raid on the US Pacific base Pearl Harbor, and which became a symbol of destruction on December 7, 1941. Raymond Haerry, at the blessed age of 94, has now passed away.

The urn containing the ashes of Haerry, who loved this ship, now rests in the hull of the shipwreck resting in Hawaii. There she has her memorial. At the ceremony when Haerry’s ashes were placed in the wreckage of the USS Arizona, 100 people, including the sailor’s granddaughter, gathered to pay their respects to one of the last living sailors who remembers the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Divers placed his urn in one of the battleship’s towers to
to rest alongside the other sailors who were with Haerry on the USS Arizona
who served on the Arizona. The urn with the ashes was given to the divers by Haerry’s granddaughter Jessica
Marino, who said at the ceremony that it was both sad and
joyous moment.

Haerry was 19 years old when the battleship USS Arizona sank. Historian
Daniel Martinez, who studies World War II, said one of the
explosions on the ship threw him off the ship, and the sailor was forced to wound
to nearby Ford Island, where he sought medical attention.

On the battleship USS Arizona, 1,102 of the 1,177 crew members died. Only five crew members are currently alive.


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