Finding the well


According to another legend, the spring of healing water has been healing since the 16th century. Already in the 18th century, local people told stories about it. The prevailing belief was that the water originated directly in the little church in Svatý Kříž. In 1729 an Augustinian monk named Aloysius, who suffered from rheumatism, went in search of the spring.

When the monk Aloysius searched for the healing well at Holy Cross, he found behind the altar a number of crutches and sticks that had been left there by ancient pilgrims as proof of their healing. Aloysius did not find the spring there. His search, however, leads us to the valley between Svatý Kříž and Petrkov, where the water he was looking for gushed from the mouth of an extinct medieval mining adit.

Its successful healing spread throughout the area and many sick people and pilgrims began to travel to the spring. A wooden chapel of St. John of Nepomuk and the first spa buildings were soon built at the spring.


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