Promoting your product, services or company is as important as the quality of your work. You can be the best in the market, but without proper promotion it's almost useless. Don't know what to do? Contact us, TEAM HBHISTORY. Together we will reach users with well-targeted advertising and put your brand on their radar.

HBhistory social media manager:

  • We will be your social media manager
  • We'll provide the content for you and distribute it wherever it makes sense.
  • We'll find or create new channels for your brand.
  • We'll activate your brand on social media
  • We'll manage Facebook, YouTube, AdSense ads
  • We'll be online for you at all times
  • We will monitor and analyze current trends affecting your brand
  • We will create creative, entertaining and actionable content
  • Together we will build an active community around your brand

Creating a new Facebook page or taking over an existing one:

  • Complete Facebook page management
  • Creation of presentations
  • Regular updates to the page
  • Building trust and brand
  • Customer support and communication
  • Driving traffic

Banner advertising on the HBhistory website and social media:

  • Large reach and precise targeting
  • Responsiveness
  • Opportunity to reach out to a specific prospect

Website development :

A modern customized website with timeless design and easy to navigate. We want our websites to work – we focus on business functionality and the customer! Modern timeless design. State of the art technology. Customized solutions.

Photographic services:

Product and corporate photography, exterior and interior photography, reportage.

We offer design of promotional items:

Processing and production of promotional items, flyers, logos and similar results of advertising activities, especially in non-traditional solutions. Our partners allow us to print and produce promotional items, posters and other products very cost-effectively. Just ask around and we will arrange everything you need.

Promotion of your company, service, product, cultural event:

  • Your advertisement in HBhistory videos.
  • Visibility of your company, service, product, website
  • Promotion of your concert, discounts, club events
  • Presentation of your article (product, company, service)


  • Advertising spots are no longer just the domain of television – they have recently become more and more popular on the Internet.
  • We make high-quality corporate videos that say more than just showcase beautiful offices and happy team members.
  • Want to enjoy the landscape from a bird's eye view? We probably won't get you up on a cloud. But with a drone, we'll film whatever you want.
  • We'll take care of selecting and arranging a film crew, a suitable location and other things that no production can do without.

21.01.2023 Price list of selected HBhistory services

  • Banner left menu 2000 CZK per month.
  • Banner left menu and centre 4000 CZK per month.
  • Company review from 1500 CZK a month.
  • Product review from 1500 CZK a month.
  • Cultural event/concert promotion 1000 CZK one event.
  • YouTube channel promotion from 1500 CZK a month.
  • Poll 500 CZK.
  • Contest 500 CZK.
  • Poster creation from 500 CZK.
  • Promotion of your Facebook page from 1500 CZK a month.
  • Photo editing 150 CZK/piece.
  • Photo remastering 200 CZK/piece
  • Creation and management of FB page from 800 CZK
  • Website creation from 5 000 to max 15 000 CZK
  • Advertising, promotion for half a year 9 000 CZK, details on TEL.
  • Advertising, promotion for a year 12 000 CZK, details on TEL.
  • No limit 25 000 CZK (lifetime advertising, promotion) , details on TEL.

FB: HBhistory – 60 000 Followers
FB: Paths and Dreams – 550 Followers
FB: Team HBhistory – 29 000 Followers
FB: HBhistory ONE – 230 Followers
FB: Jobs supply and demand – 5 500 Followers
FB: News – 9 500 Followers
FB: Bazaar – 15 000 Followers
FB: Crafts and Services – 2 200 Followers

+ 25 Facebook Groups

Websites created on customer's request:



World History: war, technology, aviation, disasters, inventions, personalities, space, science, history, nature, world, revue, mysteries, politics
World History: war, technology, aviation, disasters, inventions, personalities, space, science, history, nature, world, revue, mysteries, politics
World History: war, technology, aviation, disasters, inventions, personalities, space, science, history, nature, world, revue, mysteries, politics

Other services on request.
Contact us for more information on each service.
If you are interested in advertising on HBhistory, media partnerships or any other kind of cooperation:

Contact us: +420 721 167 431 from 8:00 – 17:00 on weekdays.
Email: hbhistory@email.cz
Email: cestyasny@email.cz
WhatsApp online 24 hours a day +420 721 167 431

HBhistory websites : Update visits 21.01.2023
History Magazin – www.hbhistory.cz – 480 000 návštěv za měsíc
History Czech ENG – www.historyczech.cz – 32 000 návštěv za měsíc
Travel Magazin – www.cestyasny.cz – 245 000 návštěv za měsíc

The price offer is always individual and depends on your specific requirements.
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